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April 5 2008

mklircrc – Generating LIRC configuration files

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Writing a LIRC configuration file is the major part of any remote control work with Linux. Unfortunately, the low degree of scripting available in LIRC makes this a lot harder – there is no abstraction from the buttons on the remote control to a general concept of the task one wants to achieve with the remote, which could then be interpreted by clients in their respective ways.

To address that issue, I wrote mklircrc. By annotating your lircd.conf with a few words, you can tell mklircrc which high-level task like "pause" or "raise volume" you want to get done, and the script will write the LIRC control file for you, including all applications it knows about – currently mythtv, xine and mplayer, but more are easy to add.

Download source tarball



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