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May 24 2009

TV Movie programme for XMLTV, version 1.2

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I've recently taken the time to scan the remaining channel numbers for additional channels like Premiere and Comedy Central, to write autoconf and automake files for this grabber to ease installation, and to write a standard XMLTV grabber script. All in all, this grabber can now be used like a standard XMLTV grabber.

Download current version 1.2 of the tv_grab_de_tvmovie_clickfinder grabber

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April 14 2009

TV Movie programme for XMLTV, version 1.1

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There have been several bugs in the TV Movie grabber script, most prominently broken daylight saving time support. Thanks everyone for pointing these out. I have improved the script in several respects and packaged these changes for the version 1.1. Changes are:

  • Fixed daylight saving time
  • Fixed XML declaration for ISO-8859-1
  • Fixed original title for movies (was incorrectly parsed as sub-title)
  • Fixed star-rating (incorrectly displayed as rating)
  • Added output of FSK rating
  • Added extended category output
  • Added country parsing and canonification
  • Reduced channel list in XML file to actually present channels
  • Added Mono/Stereo/Dolby categorization
  • Added black/white parsing
  • Cleanup in code.

Download current version 1.1 of script

P.S.: In the code published before the 21st of April a terribly stupid bug prevents proper date/time parsing. Fixed it.

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February 18 2009

TV Movie programme for XMLTV

Filed under: tvmovieThiton at 14:31

Recently, the TV Movie paper has changed its publication format for electronic programme data to match its new ClickFinder software. Unfortunately, a Linux version of this software is still missing; to remedy this, I have written a converter for these data to XMLTV and a script automating the EPG data acquisition.

I donate this script to the public. However, since the TV Movie paper probably finances its Click-Finder program with advertisements[1], please make sure you visit their web page regularily or find some other while to make this service worth their while.

UPDATE: Version 1.2 of this script is available.

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[1] An assumption I could not check due to an incompatibility with Wine

April 5 2008

mklircrc – Generating LIRC configuration files

Filed under: mklircrc, — Thiton at 21:32

Writing a LIRC configuration file is the major part of any remote control work with Linux. Unfortunately, the low degree of scripting available in LIRC makes this a lot harder – there is no abstraction from the buttons on the remote control to a general concept of the task one wants to achieve with the remote, which could then be interpreted by clients in their respective ways.

To address that issue, I wrote mklircrc. By annotating your lircd.conf with a few words, you can tell mklircrc which high-level task like "pause" or "raise volume" you want to get done, and the script will write the LIRC control file for you, including all applications it knows about – currently mythtv, xine and mplayer, but more are easy to add.

Download source tarball

March 28 2008

DebateTimer: A MIDP application for timing debates

Filed under: MIDPThiton at 16:19

I proudly present you DebateTimer, a MIDP application for your Java-capable mobile phone that supports you in timing a formal debate. After entering a speech time, a timer is started which will give a number of signals:

  • Start of questioning phase. Occurs not at all on speeches of one minute or less, at 30 seconds on speeches of two minutes or less, and at 60 seconds on all other speeches.
  • End of questioning phase. Occurs not at all on speeches of one minute or less, 30 seconds before the end of speech signal on speeches of four minutes or less, and 60 seconds before the end of speech signal on all other speeches.
  • End of speech signal. For clarity, this signal is given twice in short succession.
  • Overtime beeps. 15 seconds after the end of the speech, the software starts beeping repeatedly.

For timing competitive debates in British Parliament Style or Open Parliament Debate, the usage is extremely simple: Enter the length of speech and hit the Start button. Every time your mobile beeps, hammer. Divert concentration to the real tasks at hand.

JAD file for DebateTimer

JAR file for DebateTimer

Source code

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