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April 14 2009

TV Movie programme for XMLTV, version 1.1

Filed under: tvmovieThiton at 01:26

There have been several bugs in the TV Movie grabber script, most prominently broken daylight saving time support. Thanks everyone for pointing these out. I have improved the script in several respects and packaged these changes for the version 1.1. Changes are:

  • Fixed daylight saving time
  • Fixed XML declaration for ISO-8859-1
  • Fixed original title for movies (was incorrectly parsed as sub-title)
  • Fixed star-rating (incorrectly displayed as rating)
  • Added output of FSK rating
  • Added extended category output
  • Added country parsing and canonification
  • Reduced channel list in XML file to actually present channels
  • Added Mono/Stereo/Dolby categorization
  • Added black/white parsing
  • Cleanup in code.

Download current version 1.1 of script

P.S.: In the code published before the 21st of April a terribly stupid bug prevents proper date/time parsing. Fixed it.

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Two comments

  1.  Hello
    First of all thanks that seems to be a great grabber
    but when I try to compile the decode.cpp file with g++
    -o decode decode.cpp I get many errrors and end up with
    an exit status of 1. What do I make wrong? It explicitly
    complains about a undefined reference to `channels'

    comment by Reisner Anselm — Apr 14 at 15:28

  2. Hello Reisner,
    it's missing a file. I've sorted the tabular information
    and the database stuff into extra files to make the package
    more readable. Try
    g++ -o decode decode.cpp tables.cpp
    Sorry for the old README file.
    Regards, Thiton

    comment by Thiton — Apr 14 at 20:25



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