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March 11 2008

libhyphenate: A general purpose hyphenation library

Filed under: libhyphenateThiton at 21:27

I'm proud to present you a library implementing Liangs hyphenation algorithm (yes, the one used in TeX) for C and C++. It is delivered together with hyphenation files for U.S. English, German, French and Spanish, and more hyphenation files are easy to compile from those included in TeX.

In version 1.0, the problems that arised with the improper handling of UTF-8 files in german-language texts were resolved.

Download source tarball of current version

Download source tarball of version 1.0

Three comments

  1.  Hi!
    A little note about the link, it is wrong. But the freshmeat one works well
    I'm going to try it soon, thanks for publishing it!

    comment by Pierre — Mar 15 at 23:32

  2. Hi Pierre,
    thanks! Link corrected.  

    comment by Thiton — Mar 16 at 15:28

  3. libhyphenate has been featured at

    comment by Steve — Mar 16 at 19:21



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