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March 24 2008

libhyphenate v1.1 released

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I proudly present you the version 1.1 of libhyphenate. UTF-8 characters are now handled correctly and some bugs were purged. Unfortunately, I had to add glib-2.0 dependence to enable the UTF-8 handling.

On the functionality side, a lot happened: The libhyphenate not only correctly hyphenates whole texts instead of single words, but can also determine the best hyphenation point to fit the text into a given width - just what you need to implement fixed-width columns.

Download source tarball of current version

Download source tarball of version 1.1

Four comments

  1.  Hi!
    Nice to see yet another release. It motivates me to give it a try
    asap :)
    One little suggestion about the links to release, you may use:
    libhyphenate-current.tar.gz symlinking to the latest stable release,
    the current naming is confusing.
    And thanks to have fixed the contact page, I was trying to figure
    out how to tell you that the links on your previous were broken
    (and the comment form) :-)

    comment by Pierre — Mar 24 at 12:35

  2. Hi, can you add the italian pattern?

    comment by Gianfranco — Nov 17 at 11:41

  3. Hi, can you add the italian pattern?

    comment by Gianfranco — Nov 17 at 11:43

  4.  Hi, I've seen a debian ITP: no more info on debian
     packaging and integration. I need a good hyphen lib for
     writting a custom ebook conversion C++ program and it
     would be nice to have an utf-aware C++ lib out off the
     shelf. Unfortunately, your current source doesn't compile
     (from scratch after ./configure) on my machine (debian
     latest testing with some unstable or exp packages).
    Do you need some help to re-active or maintain this lib?

    comment by Renaud — Jan 27 at 21:20



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