6. März 2008

/usr/lib/yaird/run_exec: opening console: no such file or directory

Abgelegt unter: RechnerSteve um 01:15

I've just finished migrating my system to a new hard disk, and boy, it has been a real pain in the ass. A truly horrifing, six hour fight with boot loaders and yaird. For the most part, I've been encountering the above error message:

/usr/lib/yaird/run_exec: opening console: no such file or directory

To all you hackers out there: Contrary to intuition, this message (received just after / was mounted) does not necessarily imply there is anything wrong with the initial ramdisk. In my case, the initrd was fine – but I didn't know that udev can't create /dev/console or /dev/null, thus you have to pre-make them on your root partition (see mknod).



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